Cycloid electric drum can be described as "Chinese characteristics, transmission mode" in this way, except Japan, other countries rarely use this drive structure, with the electric roller cycloid this transmission structure can be completed very small line speed and large power
    Domestic and foreign consumption reducer type many, but with nothing more than three types can be mass consumption in the electric roller. Two o. Two other models used for foreign countries, for a roller fixed axis gear transmission of electric drum and for quantity of gear transmission
    The most commonly used at home and abroad electric roller speed reducer is installed is fixed axis gear transmission, gear transmission is more than 95% of the fixed shaft of involute cylindrical gear transmission structure. The transmission structure is simple, reliable, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance device, but also has the advantage of high efficiency, low noise. Commonly used two deceleration, the minority is a three stage reducer.
    Electric roller transmission mode for quantity of gear transmission compared with fixed axis gear transmission, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large bearing capacity, stable work and other advantages, but the maintenance is not convenient, common in the structural type electric roller in foreign countries in the.